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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

     Thanksgiving is a great time of year but it's also the beginning of a lot of hustle and bustle.  There are families to visit, foods to eat, and for some lots of travel.  With the business of the holiday sometimes it's hard to relax even for just a moment.  That's why I love crafting.  For a little while I'm not thinking of the sweets that need to be baked, the gifts that need to be bought, or making sure everyone has a fantastic holiday.  It's nice to sit down and create something new, or work on something I've already designed.  So take a moment this holiday season to do something you enjoy and forget about the craziness the holiday brings!

     We wish everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Holiday Gift!

     My mom made this beautiful hand sewn tote bag, which can be found in our shop Jenny Lin Creations.  I love the texture of the buttons and how they bring out the flower pattern in the material.  Inside are two pockets that could fit a wallet or cell phone.  This bag is nice and roomy without seeming overly large.  In fact I would like one.  My kids take their reading tablets every where and this tote would fit my wallet, cell, keys, sunglasses, and their tablets.  I could fit a small note pad with the grocery list.  It would work great for a woman on the go.

     You can check out this tote along with our other fabulous creations at Jenny Lin Creations.

                                     Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Creation!

     We have added a new creation to our Etsy shop, Jenny Lin Creations, The Snowman Hoop.  He was so much fun to stitch.  I love the eyes and carrot nose buttons.  I thought a blue scarf with a little bit of fringe would be the perfect touch.  When I designed him I thought about my kids and how they would make a snowman.  His arms are like if the kids found sticks and I gave him a light snow falling with the french knots.  He is placed in a 10 inch wood stained hoop.  I think he would be a lot of fun hanging on a wall surrounded by other fantastic holiday decorations.

            Check out The Snowman Hoop and our other
     creations at  Jenny Lin Creations.

                      Thanks for coming by!