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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thinking Christmas!

     It's the end of July and I'm already thinking about Christmas.  I've come across craft stores that are having Christmas in July sales.  I couldn't help myself and just had to take part in the sales.  I picked up a few things and have started to jot down ideas.  I'm thinking ornaments and stockings, Santa Claus, snowmen, trees, gingerbread men, and all the other wonderful things that go with the holiday season.  Not to worry, I haven't left out other holidays.  I have been thinking about a trick-or-treat bag for Halloween and some possible Thanksgiving ideas.  I know it's just July, but back to school supplies are in the stores and before we know it that chill will come and the leaves will start to change.  The feel of fall will be in the air.  Time to get crafting!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crafting and Creating!

     I've been thinking on lots of ideas for projects and have a few going on at the moment.  I figured out an idea for my snail.  I picked out a few colors and you will have to wait and see what I make with him.  I love his smile and can't wait to work with him.

Lady Skeleton with a bouquet
      I really enjoy stitching on printed fabric.  With different colors and stitches I can bring a scrap piece of fabric to life.  Lady Skeleton will be a hoop piece and is the most detailed I've done in a while.


     This is a design from a finished project.  I drew the present to be stitched on a card.  It came out great and will be added soon to Jenny Lin Creations.

     My mom is working on a patriotic afghan.  The red, white, and blue colors look great together and hopefully I will have pictures of her progress soon.

     We are always crafting and creating, you never know what you will find at Jenny Lin Creations!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Zany Socks

     This beautiful pair of hand knitted socks were knitted  in a superwash new wool and acrylic, which means they are long wearing.  They are soft, cozy, and comfy.  With the heat wave, socks might be the last thing you think of, however the winter holidays are right around the corner.   What a great stocking stuffer these cool socks would be!  It's never too early to think of holiday shopping.  Why not get one item out of the way?  These Zany colors would cheer up anyone's dreary day.  After a hard day of work it would feel great to slip off those uncomfortable work shoes and slip on these socks!
Large 8-9

Medium 7-8
     We have two sizes to choose from, medium 7-8 and large 8-9.  These Zany colors are 75% superwash new wool and 25% acrylic.  We recommend hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.

                 You can find these socks and other creations at our Etsy shop Jenny Lin Creations!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Warm Sunshine

     This beautiful hand crocheted afghan would be a warm addition to a chilly day.  I know with the heat of summer it is hard to imagine a cold frost bitten day, however crisp fall air is right around the corner. (I've already started to see school supplies in the stores.)

       With three shades of yellow you will feel wrapped in sunshine while reading a book or checking emails.  It would go perfect at the end of a bed to pull over you on a chilly night.  After a hard day at work you could snuggle up with the kids while reading a bed time story. So many uses, and it's machine washable. Just throw it in the wash with cold water, then dry on low heat about 40 minutes.

    You can find this gorgeous hand crocheted lap blanket and many other creations at our shop Jenny Lin Creations on Etsy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Floss and Ideas

     I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  I know we did with a nice cookout and fireworks.  In between the hamburgers, hot-dogs, potato salad, and fireworks I was able to pick up some new floss colors for some project ideas I have.

     When I choose new floss colors I usually already have an idea in mind, otherwise standing in front of a wall of colors can be daunting.  These colors are for a few trees, some birds, and a snail, none of which are together in the same project.  The brown, for trees, will be in a hanging piece I'm working on.  For the birds, I'm working on a brightly colored, group hanging piece.  And the snail, I'm not sure yet.  I have a few ideas for him.




Monday, July 1, 2013

Grand Opening of Jenny Lin Creations!

     We are very pleased to announce the opening of our Etsy Shop Jenny Lin Creations!  We have a small selection of hand made creations at the moment, but we will be expanding. 

 We have a beautiful blue merino wool scarf.  The yarn was hand dyed and the scarf hand stitched.  It is so soft and would be a wonderful accessory this winter.                                                          

  This tote could be overflowing with fruits and vegetables from a Farmer's Market or filled with groceries from a shopping trip.  It's colorful, hand stitched vegetables and flower accents would be a fun addition to an exciting day of shopping! 

You can visit our shop by clicking the items in the sidebar or clicking Our Shop page at the top of the blog.  We hope to see you there and of course we hope you will come back and visit us here to see what we are creating!