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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Season - Lesson Learned

     This holiday season is Jenny Lin Creations's first holiday season and it's been a lesson learned. I felt rushed in my crafting to get items on Etsy. I never really thought of the season and needing to make crafts before the holiday. Now I think I'm going to holiday craft all year around. If I have an idea I need to make it. So, I need to think Christmas whether it's December or July.

      There is a lot less free time during the holidays. With homeschooling 2 kids, a husband working full time and going to college, running a house-hold, free time is already limited. When you add multiple holiday dinners, buying gifts, and all the other activities, it's even more difficult to find a moment. When I find that moment it's nice to just craft and not worry about rushing to get something on Etsy.

     I know the same is true for my mom.  She has 6 grandchildren and she makes all of their Christmas presents.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas it's crunch time for her. I know she is spending every free moment trying to get that special gift finished by Christmas Day, So thinking of making creations for Etsy is not in the fore front of her thoughts.


     So, lesson learned. Think holiday crafts all year long. Make them, do the write ups for them, then save them for the holidays. Then when the holidays come around we can spend that special free time for crafting gifts or for pleasure and not feel rushed or overwhelmed.



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