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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Ahead in 2014

     Another year has come and gone. Time goes by so fast. As I look back and reflect on Jenny Lin Creations I think of all the things we've learned and all the things we still have to learn. There are so many things we want to improve. We are so excited about the possibilities that 2014 will bring us.

     There are two sides to Jenny Lin Creations, the crafting and the business. On the crafting side we want to expand. I personally want to learn new techniques with fabrics and become stronger in the skills I already have. I want to work with new materials and learn to use a sewing machine. (Yup, I admit, I've only used a sewing machine once and I was in 5th grade.) My mom and I have so many fantastic ideas we can't wait to create and share them with you.

     On the business side, we want to expand here too. We plan to attend several craft shows in the area. My mom and I are working on another project ( more on this later ) that includes my mom's original Etsy shop. I've read books, magazine articles, blogs, forums, anything I can get my hands on dealing with Etsy and small businesses. I still feel like I have lots to learn. The two words, small and business, should never be put together. A small business is a huge undertaking. I know 2014 will bring more learning opportunities and challenges for both my mom and myself, but we are looking forward to it.

     A new year feels like a fresh start. You can clean the cob webs off of the past year and get a new perspective. My mom and I are really looking forward to the next year and all the possibilities for Jenny Lin Creations. We can't wait to share whatever those possibilities bring with all of you!

     What are your possibilities for 2014? Will this be your best year ever?



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