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Monday, July 1, 2013

Grand Opening of Jenny Lin Creations!

     We are very pleased to announce the opening of our Etsy Shop Jenny Lin Creations!  We have a small selection of hand made creations at the moment, but we will be expanding. 

 We have a beautiful blue merino wool scarf.  The yarn was hand dyed and the scarf hand stitched.  It is so soft and would be a wonderful accessory this winter.                                                          

  This tote could be overflowing with fruits and vegetables from a Farmer's Market or filled with groceries from a shopping trip.  It's colorful, hand stitched vegetables and flower accents would be a fun addition to an exciting day of shopping! 

You can visit our shop by clicking the items in the sidebar or clicking Our Shop page at the top of the blog.  We hope to see you there and of course we hope you will come back and visit us here to see what we are creating! 

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