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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crafting and Creating!

     I've been thinking on lots of ideas for projects and have a few going on at the moment.  I figured out an idea for my snail.  I picked out a few colors and you will have to wait and see what I make with him.  I love his smile and can't wait to work with him.

Lady Skeleton with a bouquet
      I really enjoy stitching on printed fabric.  With different colors and stitches I can bring a scrap piece of fabric to life.  Lady Skeleton will be a hoop piece and is the most detailed I've done in a while.


     This is a design from a finished project.  I drew the present to be stitched on a card.  It came out great and will be added soon to Jenny Lin Creations.

     My mom is working on a patriotic afghan.  The red, white, and blue colors look great together and hopefully I will have pictures of her progress soon.

     We are always crafting and creating, you never know what you will find at Jenny Lin Creations!


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